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Construction workers on work site


Guardian Structural Technologiesʼs technical services professionals are able to coordinate and oversee installation on your behalf. The GST team will provide technical support, including coordination between architects, engineers, builders, and subcontractors. The GST team can be on site to regularly review architectural drawings and engineering specifications to monitor your progress and ensure you comply with plans and schedules.

Why Builders turn to SHIELD Panels:

A BUILDER'S COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE. Construction firms enjoy being able to distinguish themselves by offering their clients an affordable product that reduces installation labor schedules by more than 60% and saves money on utility bills, while providing stronger, healthier buildings than those made from standard wood and metal framing.

STRAIGHT WALLS.  With up to 40 feet long expanses for one panel, builders can achieve straighter walls without unintended bows or curves. SHIELD™ Panels building envelopes make flooring, millwork, cabinet, door and window installation tremendously easier by reducing the necessity of shimming floors as well as trimming and adapting millwork.

USE WITH EXTERIOR & INTERIOR FINISHES.   SHIELD™ Panels are ready for any type of interior and exterior finish such as Nichiha™ and EFIS systems. And because SHIELD™ Panels are fabricated with galvanized steel structural members, warping, twisting, moisture penetration, rot and waste is eliminated.

SPEED OF CONSTRUCTION.   SHIELD™ Panels buildings can be built in approximately half to one third the time of a conventional building.

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