About Us

The Guardian Structural Technologies Mission

Guardian Structural Technologies (GTS) is an employee-owned corporation with headquarters in northeast Ohio. The company’s mission centers on delivering an innovative building envelope system made from materials that meet the global demand for high performance buildings. Our primary goal is to provide architects, engineers and builders who design, engineer and install exterior structures and insulated building envelopes a technologically superior, environmentally green and financially beneficial products for their clients.

The SHIELD Panels solution reflects the company’s building science and engineering expertise. Company capabilities include architectural design and engineering support services, system fabrication and jobsite installation oversight for turnkey solutions. Guardian Structural Technologies also partners with industry leaders to provide integrated exterior cladding, multistory flooring and HVAC equipment packages. GST employees are its owners. Each employee provides clients with the best product and service available in the industry at the most affordable price. GST is proud of its strong design and engineering support capabilities and customer-oriented staff.



Most Innovative Structural Engineering Firm 2023 - Midwest USA

- BUILD Magazine