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Whether you're designing the expansion of current facilities or entirely new buildings, your projects will affect the productivity and efficiency of your clients' organizations for years to come.

Guardian Structural Technologies employs a staff that understands the challenge of balancing creative design, energy conservation and construction code requirements. GST helps you creatively solve your clientsʼ challenges by understanding their particular businesses and customizing building envelope solutions that maximize their investments through you.

GST knows that a well-designed building can actually decrease its short-term costs and increase its long-term value. SHIELD™ Panels contribute to the creation of total environments, interior and exterior, which are pleasing, functional and environmentally sustainable for the people who work and do business in them.

Why Architects use SHIELD™ Panels for wall and roof framing:

Superior Design. Archways and curves are not a problem with SHIELD™ Panels . GST can fabricate panels into virtually any shape. And with expanses ranging up to 40 feet for one panel, SHIELD™ Panels buildings also have the straightest walls without unintended bows or curves.

Contribution to LEED™ Certification, Energy Star Rating & National Green Building Standard Points.  SHIELD™ Panels are made of 100% recyclable components, reduce construction waste, have negligible thermal bridging and allow for better control over indoor environmental conditions. Incorporating SHIELD™ Panels on projects will result in LEED™ certification, Energy Star Rating and NGBS points. Learn more.

Code Compliant. As building codes and public policy continue to evolve in response to the global demand for energy conservation and greater construction efficiencies, the SHIELD™ Panels meet ASHRAE, State and Federal building requirements as well as international building codes.

Fire Rated.  SHIELD™ Panels meet the criteria of the building code for required hourly fire rating as described in the INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE by the International Code Council, Inc. In addition, SHIELD™ Panels may qualify for noncombustible materials designation.

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