Muldoon Garden

Anchorage, Alaska

Architect: McCool Carlson Green, Inc.

General Contractor: RurAL Cap Housing

Size: 21,600 square feet, 23 units.

Project Type: Affordable Housing



  • Provide permanent housing - the project includes a daycare, offices, exterior & fitness space.
  • Due to the amount of time Alaskans spend indoors, the project prioritized healthy materials, avoiding all materials with Red-List chemicals.
  • The project built upon traditional indigenous Alaskan practices for energy efficiency, such as thermal mass and passive solar heat gain.


  • Presented the Architect with the SHIELD™ system, providing unmatched energy-saving and air quality performance.
  • Engineered the SHIELD™ panels for seismic and climate conditions.


  • Muldoon Garden will help address the Municipality of Anchorage’s challenges concerning the high cost of living and constrained rental market.
  • The sustainability features such as solar energy and a six-star energy rating provide relief from high energy costs for water, heat, and electricity which will increase income and contribute to economic empowerment.
  • The building was undamaged after a 7.0 earthquake was recorded in November of 2018.