Harmony House

Olivebridge, New York

Architect: Demo Architects, Inc.

General Contractor: Balanced Builders

Size: 2,800 sq. ft. Residence

Project Type: PHIUS New Construction



  • Build the first Passive House (certified PHIUS+2018) entirely built using Guardian Structural Technologies’ SHIELD Panels.


  • DEMO architects conceived the design and engineering of the healthy, comfortable and energy efficient home.
  • The wall panels for the home were 9.25” R-46.25 and roof panels 12” R-60.
  • Panels sealed with low expansion foam with exterior wrapped with peel and stick membrane for air tightness.


  • The structure was assembled in a fraction of the time compared to stick build house.
  • It is the first Passive House certified to the PHIUS+2018 specifications in the United States.