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Because every part of a building is subject to the effects of gravity, wind, earthquakes, temperature changes, and other forces of nature, engineers must have the knowledge required to construct buildings that withstand these forces over a long period of time. Guardian Structural technologies clearly understands the challenges of integrating elements that effectively support a building's dead load, its live load based upon occupancy and use of spaces, as well as the environmental loads such as wind, seismic, and thermal.


This is why GST offers you unparalleled engineering support services for projects of all sizes. GSTʼs Technical Services team is staffed with professionals that utilize the latest software to coordinate structural design that assists you in serving your clientsʼ needs as the Structural Engineer of Record (SER). GST counts on professionals that have coordinated hundreds of projects and delivered seamless communication between architects, engineers, and construction managers.

Why Engineering Firms are relying on SHIELD™ Panels for building envelope solutions:

STRENGTH. SHIELD™ Panels are used for curtain, demising and load bearing walls as well as roof substrates, all able to endure incredible loads. They are ideal for extreme climates that produce heavy snow loads or severe storms, high winds and hurricanes. SHIELD™ Panels are undeniably a stronger, structural framing solution. SHIELD™ Panels technology complies the IRC and ICC national residential and commercial code guidelines.

CODE COMPLIANT.  As building codes and public policy continue to evolve in response to the global demand for energy conservation and greater construction efficiencies, the SHIELD™ Panels meets ASHRAE, State and Federal building requirements as well as international building codes.

FULLY ENGINEERED. SHIELD™ Panels are fully engineered, including assembly and connection details. They are designed for maximum efficiency, are structurally sound up to 6 stories and are customized to meet exact specifications. The panels have factory cut and framed window & door openings, as well as pre-routed electrical & plumbing chases.

FIRE RATED.  SHIELD™ Panels meet the criteria of the building code for required hourly fire rating as described in the INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE by the International Code Council, Inc. In addition, SHIELD™ Panels may qualify for noncombustible materials designation.

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