Dottie Faxon Residence

Derry, New Hampshire

Architect: GSD Associates, Inc.

General Contractor: volunteer crews

Size: 2 Story Building, 2,573 square-feet

Project Type: Ground-Up Construction



  • Work with local not-for-profit social services volunteer organization to furnish material to build mid-sized 2-story residence using SHIELD™ load-bearing walls and roof panels.


  • Delivered R-30 load-bearing exterior walls for first and second floors
  • Delivered R-50 roof panel system, support beams, and gable end wall assemblies


  • Delivered project on two (2) truckloads; installed all walls and roof panels in 17 hrs. with 6-man volunteer crew. Used Simpson ties to fasten walls to flooring system. Large vaulted ceiling detail on second floor.