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Building Owners

 As its name implies, SHIELD™ Panels buildings are ready to protect its owner and occupants from the attacking environmental elements outside. Furthermore, SHIELD™ Panels buildings can be built in approximately half to one third the time of a conventional building.

Owners of SHIELD™ Panels buildings consistently report less interior noise, fewer drafts, and consistent interior temperatures due to the continuous EPS slab inside every panel. Due to their inherent air-tightness, SHIELD™ Panels buildings make control of indoor air quality possible since incoming air can be filtered and old air can be expelled in a controlled manner.

Why Building Owners turn to SHIELD Panels:

AMAZING ENERGY SAVINGS. Home and building owners regularly save up to 70% on utility bills when they combine SHIELD™ wall and roof panels with other high performance building components. The R-Values of all SHIELD™ Panels are unsurpassed when compared with traditional wood and metal frame construction and will meet the anticipated changes to federal, state and local codes.

TREMENDOUS RESISTANCE.   SHIELD™ Panels buildings effectively resist moisture penetration, air infiltration, insects and rodents. The panels do not support bacteria or mold growth. In addition they are corrosion and rot proof.

LIFE CYCLE COST BENEFITS.    SHIELD™ Panels buildings are more affordable than most SIPs and ICFs and realize the same HVAC equipment reduction in tonnage required in comparison to traditional wood or metal framing with fiberglass insulation. SHIELD™ Panels do not lose their R-Value over time because the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) does not breakdown, resulting in energy savings for the life of the building.

TAX INCENTIVES & SPECIAL FUNDING.   Projects that specify SHIELD™ Panels in combination with other high performance building products may be eligible for federal, state and local tax incentives. GST personnel can help you identify whether or not your project qualifies for such programs.

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