Guardian Shield Panels

the Next Generation in Building Material Solutions

To have a meaningful impact on energy conservation, environmental stewardship, and product efficiencies, the building industry is being challenged to rethink and retool its systems and processes. Guardian has taken a giant leap in addressing these concerns.

1400+ Buildings

Residential & Commercial


Time, Money, Environment & Resources

Market Experience

4 Decades of Pushing the Envelope

The Guardian Shield Difference

Our Team has been building energy efficient thermal envelopes for over 40 years. We can design and produce our high-performance product based on your specific commercial or residential project.

Energy Efficiency

  • High Performance
  • PHIUS Certified
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Lasting Cost Savings
  • Durable Life Span

Efficient Construction

  • Precision Engineered
  • Reduced Construction Time
  • Structural Integrity
  • Standard Industry Finishes Installed on Interior and Exterior

Build to Suit

  • Custom Architecture and Designs

Sustainability & Environmental Impact

  • 100% Recyclable Components
  • Tree Conservation
  • Net-Zero Building Envelope
  • Weather & Pest Durability
  • Sound Resistance & Improved Air Quality

Shield Panel Building System

Lifetime of Benefits for Owners & Occupants

Guardian Shield Panels are a high-performance engineered thermal envelope panel system that utilizes cold formed steel as the structural members which are embedded in energy efficient Expanded Polystyrene (EPS).